The Burger Register: Chicago's Thirty Most Notable Burgers


Sometime in the last few years, Chicago always a hot-dog city started caring an awful lot about hamburgers. Blame it on any number of things: a return to comfort food, the rise of the steakhouse, the blurring boundaries between high and low. Whatever the reason, Chicago is now, unabashedly, a burger town and from Harmony Hamburgers, where the burgers been the same since 1953, to Solas lofty American wagyu patty topped with cambozola, pineapple-caramelized onions, bacon, and arugula, theres a version for every palate. Weve rounded up thirty of our favorites and present them to you with photographic proof of their juicy, beefy appeal and vital statistics, too. Depending on what youre asking of your burger (or, in the case of the towering behemoths at Kumas Corner, what the burger asks of you), they can all stake a claim to be the best in town.

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