The Burger Register: Boston's 16 Most Notable Burgers


Boston may be known for its lobster rolls, but we're no slouch when it comes to burgers. Against formidable competitors from burger meccas such as New York and Chicago, our own Radiuss burger took top honors last year's South Beach Burger Bash. And visitors to Boston know it's a beefy destination after all, theres always a line of tourists outside Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage. Sit in the Common or Harvard Square long enough and youre bound to hear at least one Talmudic debate regarding the merits of, say Flat Patties versus Four Burgers, or whether Craigie On Mains specimen is really worth the $18.

Whether your tastes run towards the classic bar burger (Audubon Circle) or you're more crazy for Kobe (Bonfire), Boston's burgers are griddled, grilled, and coaxed to perfection. And so, in celebration of this socio-gastronomic moment, we've created a comprehensive guide to sixteen of the citys best burgers, including vital statistics on everything from patty weight to price. Oh, and we also have mouth-watering photos. Look it over and choose wisely. And when youre done drooling, check out our Burger Registers for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Philadelphia.