Abdul Idolizes Boa; Channing Tatum Chooses Madeo for Date Night

Abdul in 1990

Celeb dining seemed to earn a giant B-rating this week, reflecting the talent list more than the A-graded restaurants. A post-resignation Paula Abdul passed the hours waiting for the phone to ring over steaks at Boa, while G.I. Joe's Channing Tatum pumped some lifeblood into his marriage with a stroll to Madeo's. See where else celebs have been dining this week:

Boa: Paula Abdul spent some of her free time over steaks. [EFORU]

Madeo: Channing Tatum took his wife on a hot date. [Channing Tatum Wrapped]

New York Bagels: LeAnn Rimes hams it up for cameras in Santa Monica after leaving. [People]

Nobu: Pamela Anderson left her Malibu trailer for sushi. [FJGirls]

Takao: LeeAnn Rimes took a friend out for sake. [JustJared]