Chrissie Hynde to Protest A West Hollywood McDonalds with PETA Today


Chrissie Hynde, lead rocker of The Pretenders, is in Los Angeles today with strong words for a WeHo McDonalds, and it's not a message of love. Teaming up with PETA, Hynde will unveil her "I'm Hatin' It" campaign, targeting the famous burger-broker at lunchtime in West Hollywood. She'll also hand out PETA's "Unhappy Meals" that carry a sinister take on Ronald McDonald, a disfigured plastic chicken doll, and a packet of fake blood. Hynde has her own vegetarian restaurant in Ohio, according to Entertainment Daily, and is a committed animal rights activist. Don't get us wrong, we love Chrissie, but if you want to stay off of her bad side, grab a tofu taco today. UPDATE: Due to efforts to rescue animals from the fires, this protest was cancelled.

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Hyndes McDonalds Protest is Scrapped [Contact Music via Daily Dish]