Gold Releases a New 99 Essentials List; Good Girl's Got Great Banh Mi

Kitchen at Bottega Louie

• "Bottega Louie aims to be all things to all people...and it more or less succeeds," writes Jonathan Gold in his new list of 99 Essential L.A. Restaurants, adding plenty of well-deserved spots like Mo-Chica, Church and State, and Gjelina. [L.A. Weekly]

• "Slow-roasted pork banh mi is just what you want" at Good Girl Dinette in Highland Park, according to Los Angeles Magazine. [Los Angeles Magazine]

• [Chef Noro] "does an impressively elegant sashimi combination of ahi, salmon and yellowtail" at Bluewater Grill in Redondo Beach, according to Merrill Shindler. [Daily Breeze]

• "For dessert we’ll skip the banana cream pie and take the sampling of Spanish cheeses," at Studio City's Bokado, says L.A. Magazine. [L.A. Magazine]

• "Ado maybe should concentrate more on the kitchen...and leave the kissing to the cuddly couple at the corner table," writes S. Irene Virbila on their affectionate Italian co-owner, in a slam on the new Venice restaurant. [L.A. Times]