Gourmet Four-Cheese Mac Attacks Hollywood

Four-Cheese Mac at The Hideout

After venting Betty Hallock's frustrations with the lofty ambitions of our city's mac 'n cheese, we heard from readers about two super-luxe four-cheese macs, both in Hollywood. TC of Sinosoul answered our suggestions call, putting us onto Cube's truffle salt version. We investigated and despite Cube's rumor-mongering that Thomas Jefferson might have invented the dish, the high-end blend of Wisconsin cheddar, Havarti, smoked Danish Gouda, and imported Swiss on semolina pasta with New Zealand butter sounds temptingly tony. Then the kitchen at Hollywood's The Hideout hit us up with a rare quadruple-cheese offering, claiming they are fairly unique in their use of goat cheese in a mac, mixed in a reduction process with wine and heavy cream, as well as Reggiano parm, ricotta, and white cheddar. Sounds slightly molecular, so we asked for visual evidence that it wouldn't harm the nostalgia leanings of our inner children. Let us know how these two rank if you get a bite, you mac heads!