Ludo Learns from L.A. Foodies


Famed French chef and Top Chef Masters contestant Ludo Lefebvre's LudoBites at Breadbar has been a massive success, but pushing boundaries in an open kitchen has paled in comparison to meeting his passionate fans. Speaking with Food GPS, Ludo details how tweeting with L.A. foodies inspires him: "On Twitter I ask people to talk about their passion about cooking...If I see somebody whos very passionate, I invite them to my kitchen...I want to take them to the market with me, show them my inspiration...I want them to see how we sweatcooking is not just looking in a book. The personal cooking classes have been a two-way street as Ludo was taught all about Korean BBQ, Vietnamese food, and Memphis ribs by local friends, inspiring him to possibly try a rib-night at his next outlet. "Now I meet so many peopleI go eat at their house and meet them at restaurants. Its cool, says the French chef.

Profile: Ludovic Lefebvre [Food GPS]