NY&C Pizza Pushes the Gothamization of L.A.


Joe's Pizza, West 4th/Jane, Bowery, Delancey, and soon NY&C; Pizza. Yes, we're convinced the latest trend is to turn our palm-speckled streets into a mirror of Manhattan. Until the vision is complete, add one more notch in the ex-pat belt with NY&C; Pizzeria, soon to open in Santa Monica from the owners of South, as detailed at Food GPS. Rising in the former Toi space, the plans are not as Big Apple-based as we first figured. NY&C; will actually be the personification of New York and Chicago's famous pizza rivalry, with one side of the room decked in NY paraphernalia and the other displaying Chi-Town pride. Apparently one of the South crew took a research trip to work at Carmine's and Salvatore's in Gotham for their NYC-style pies, and owner Adam Milstein grew up with Wapaghettis inspiring the joint's deep dish Chicago-style pizza. Calzones and sausage rolls will also appear alongside pizza joint classics like sit-down video games and bare brick walls. While we doubt anyone in Chicago or New York would welcome something like Famous California Pizza opening shop on their blocks, our real concern is for nearby Boston H.Q. Sonny McCleans come play-off time.

South Owners Opening NYC in Santa Monica [Food GPS]