Philly Cheesesteaks Invade Our Streets

Philly Cheesesteaks at The Bazaar

We've drowned in great burgers for a decade, so we're putting our money on Philly cheesesteaks as the trend to take us into 2010. Grub Street Philadelphia saw South Philly Experience, the next hyped food truck, barreling towards our roads weeks ago with TastyKakes in hand. Keep your Twitter accounts refreshed, because co-owner Scott says "we're about to pick up the freshly wrapped truck and are prepping this weekend, hoping for a grand launch next Thursday." Elsewhere, self-styled "Philly Cheesesteak King" Tony Luke Jr. has pre-made frozen cheesesteaks rolling into our stores soon, though they haven't impressed the natives back home. A good version comes from Big Mike's in El Segundo, and raging Must Bar downtown has one with tri-tip and provolone on a baguette. Still nothing for us beats The Bazaar's mini Philly Cheesesteak, made with heat-induced hollow air bread filled with cheddar foam, layered in Kobe cuts and carmelized onions. Though the dudes arguing in line at Pat's and Geno's in South Philly would probably jump us for showing up with the dainty treats, they taste more like a classic cheesesteak than anything we've eaten in this town.