Silverton and Ludo Subject to World Wide Web's Wishful Thinking

Silverton's Walnut Bread

Nearly the entire L.A. food blogosphere tried hard to wish Nancy Silverton burgers into existence this week, reporting widely that the star chefs' guest appearance with Amy Pressman at Canele signified involvement with Pressman's upcoming Grass Burgers, slated soon for Fairfax's Farmer's Market. According to Silverton confidant Carolynn Carreno, who takes a teensy share of the responsibility in a comment at Eater L.A., Silverton does not have burgers on her mind and has also never used the internet (!). Carreno explains, via Squid Ink, that Silverton was cooking at Canele to get people amped for Pressman's burgers, not her own (B&S; says they were "nothing short of amazing"). Chef Ludo Lefebvre was similarly cast into a worldwide net of rumors this week, with reports that he has leased the former Rita Flora space for his own restaurant, contradicted by reports from Ludo himself on Twitter saying the rumors "are only that - RUMORS!!!!."

An Amendment: There Will Be No Nancy Silverton Burger Joint [Squid Ink]