The Foundry Wants to See You Smile


The Foundry's Chef Eric Greenspan is fast becoming the confident court jester of restaurant marketing. Last month, he challenged Sang Yoon to a colorful burger battle while smearing ketchup on the Father's Office door and also put his money behind diners' mouths, offering cash back on anything they don't like at his Melrose restaurant. His new gimmick (prior to grabbing screen time on this fall's Next Iron Chef ) however, forces us to conjure up images of questionable dinner theater. Yes, Greenspan is bringing stand-up comedy to his cooking demos. Starting this Sunday at 1p.m., corporate function funny gal Claire Berger will join Greenspan on The Culinary Stage, bringing the yuks as he grills barbecued treats in the restaurant's garden, an event that will repeat September 6th and 20th, albeit with different food and jokes. It costs a whopping $80 to laugh with your mouth full of Greenspan's cooking, and reservations can be made at 323-651-0915.