Today's Mistaken Ado Slam in "The L.A. Times" Upsets Chef Alberto Lazzarino

Chef Lazzarino

Chef Alberto Lazzarino is seeking "a retraction" from The L.A. Times after a negative review of Ado portrayed his previous restaurant as being associated with the real chef-owner, Antonio Muré. The review, by S. Irene Virbila, states: "[Antonio] Muré has put in time behind the stoves at Locanda Veneta, Piccolo and his own Melograno, which closed earlier this year." But it's Lazzarino who owned Melograno, not Ado's Muré. (Muré's actual previous restaurants, like La Botte and Il Carpaccio, are not mentioned in the review). The review, which used words like "scattershot," rattled Lazzarino and his wife Kate, who have enjoyed previous raves from Virbila. "The facts are mixed up, I just don't understand," Kate Lazzarino told us. "We want to stay far away from a review like this after all our hard work. I wrote Virbila and told her how lovely she'd been in the past, as I really respect her. But I had to say this is all wrong and to please retract it." They expect to get their retraction, but will it make a difference? "I'm not sure a lot of people read retractions," she frets. A spokesperson for the paper says,"It sounds like a simple correction, of course mistakes happen."