What to Eat at Lemonade on Abbot-Kinney


Lemonade crushed its first piece of citrus on Abbot-Kinney today, the third location for this healthy-chic cafeteria. It's a perfect place to get one's veggies on, heavy with roasted roots, steamed greens, fruit-based vinaigrettes, and a few dashes of cous-cous and quinoa in ready-made salads and pastas. An entire pot-roast menu gets creative with miso short ribs, wild mushroom beef Stronganoff, and lamb tangine with figs and apricots. Sandwiches sound delightfully hardcore: BBQ brisket with cheddar, jalapenos, and steakhouse tomato on ciabatta, and a grilled cheese starring manchego, quince, and ham. Fresh fruit-blended lemonades and gourmet sodas rule this corner, and Lemonade faves like baked buttermilk chicken, mac n' cheese, and a battalion of baked cookies, cakes, and tarts have made the cut. As Abbot-Kinney eating becomes ever gilded, we predict it will flourish for workers and residents needing a cheap(er) lunch than its neighbors can provide. Speaking of, bid adios to Tortilla Grill on AK, a cantina that should only be missed by those who pronounce the "L" in tortilla. It is being replaced by Casa Linda, which already looks more elegant, more delicious, and a whole paycheck more expensive than its predecessor.