What to Eat While Cecconi's Has White Truffles

Chef Andrea Cavaliere

We just got word from the forces behind West Hollywood's Cecconi's that a shipment of white truffles has landed from Central Italy's Molise and Abruzzo regions onto the counter of Chef Andrea Cavaliere. Time to call that Romeo or Juliet you met while studying abroad and brag with your mouth full, as white truffles aren't typically available this early, even in Italy. You might have to pawn your Fendi bag first, as each of the five dishes blessed with shavings from the white truffles cost $90 a plate. What will Chef Cavaliere shave his white truffles on ? Take a look at the offerings:

White Truffle Shaving-Infused Dishes Available at Cecconi's

• “Plin” Agnolotti, a traditional small pinched ravioli filled with roast meats, or a vegetarian option filled with corn served with a butter and Parmigiano sauce

• Tagliolini

• Risotto

• Goat Cheese Pizza

• Scrambled Eggs at Breakfast

All $90 each. Reservations can be made at (310) 432-2000.