Ralph's Is Named SoCal's "Best Executed" Supermarket


Saavy financial firm Jefferies and Co. drove from San Diego to L.A. reviewing SoCal supermarkets for investment potential. After a look into about 50, they concluded that Ralph's has the best execution. Ralph's "shelves were neat and well stocked," with their produce section getting a big thumbs up. Whole Foods received similar praise for excellent displays and product, with the only negative vibes stemming from their CEO's Op-Ed against new health care initiatives, which employees fear affects customers. Von's, while cheaper than Ralph's, got slammed for seeming "out-of-stocks, under stocking, under staffing, subpar cleanliness and order." Von's parent company, Safeway, defends itself by saying it's not a chain-wide experience while Jefferies still maintains "Buy" status for stock in the company.

Ralph's Shows Impressive Execution [Barron's]