Alberto Lazzarino Is New Exec Chef at La Buca


Last we checked in on Alberto Lazzarino, he was pretty disturbed that The L.A. Times' critic was having a senior moment and confusing his restaurants and birthplace with the owner/chef at Ado, which she was slamming to the curb at the time. We've just learned that Lazzarino has taken the job of executive chef at Osteria La Buca. His first move was adding a majority of the items that are currently on a refreshed menu while owner Graham Snyder sets about reducing prices and setting up both a new list of short and accessible wines and a classic cocktail program. We're told via press release that La Buca is keeping some signature "classic" dishes and that Snyder and Lazzarino, who met while chef Alberto looked for another space for his Melograno restaurant, are not only re-vitalizing La Buca, but will "expand upon the concept in the near future."