Ludo Closes LudoBites, Prepares Foie Grois and Sausage Stuffing


Ludo Lefebvres third throw-down of his LudoBites pop-up held its tenth and final dinner last night at Royal/T. However, the French-bred, SoCal-adopted chef tells Black Book that he hopes to return again no later than March, even if hes found the ten-day stretch challenging physically and emotionally. The chef, who smacked our senses around last week, says hed love to bring LudoBites around the globe, but is spending this Christmas in the Colorado Mountains with his wifes family where hell do the cooking, of course. Whats on the menu? A traditional turkey Christmas dinner, Ludo says. "I make a stuffing that has foie gras, sausage, mushroom and dried apricots.

Chef Ludo Lefebvre Dishes As LudoBites Ends [Black Book]
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