Cafe in the Heights Brings More Gourmet Mud to N. East L.A.


Looking for more than mulitas on your next trip to Lincoln Heights? Squid Ink alerts us to their encounter with Café in the Heights, which opened softly in mid-December and grand opened January 9th. Set across from Lincoln Heights High, the sandwich, fresh juice, pastries, coffee, and smoothie-slinger reminds us of similar ventures bringing gourmet mud and bakery eats to NorthEast L.A. like Xocólatl Cacao in El Sereno and the renewed Antigua in Cypress Park. Cafe in the Heights is open now, starting at 6 A.M. seven days a week. 3510 North Broadway. 323-224-9964‎.

Two New Restaurants Open: Brunch Fans Get One, Francophiles The Other [Squid Ink]