Evan Funke Brings Burger Nights Back to Rustic Canyon

Evan Funke

Rustic Canyon hits us with the good news that Evan Funke's "Burger and Beer Mondays" were resuscitated this week. This popular day is the chef's chance to stretch his imagination and totally "funke" with the traditional formula, conjuring up two new burgers every week that even Umami has yet to dream up. This past Monday the chef kicked off the revival by introducing breakfast burgers with hash browns, confit bacon, a sunny-side egg, and melted Tillamook on Niman Ranch ground beef. There was also a "Bolognese burger" with burrata, Bolognese ragu, and wild arugula. Nice to see an entire breakfast wrapped into yet another of our favorite foods, but unlike yesterday's breakfast cupcake, this one came paired with a craft beer to truly make it a breakfast burger of champions. Reservations are suggested for Monday's burger nights at 310-393-7050.