Texts Digital Gifts of Wine and Chocolate

Boxes of DeBrand Chocolate can be sent digitally

New technology has arrived to save the day for those stereotypical mates who lose track of anniversaries, birthdays, and presents on Valentine's Day. enables the absent-minded to send material gifts like wine and chocolate via a quick text message. After making a purchase through the site, a personalized message will appear on your partner's mobile phone along with a virtual description of the goods they're getting.

For example, their phone could read "Hi Jim, we're so glad you were cleared of those charges. We got you a $25 gift certificate for DeBrand Chocolates," along with a code to access your new booty online. Currently, Giiv is partnered with , DeBrand, and Amazon's culinary component, and is focused on expanding its food offerings. You might never forget another gift-giving occasion again. You might also be dumped for digitally texting your affections at the last minute, but isn't it the thought that's supposed to count?