Gold Plans L.A.'s Last Supper; Virbila Finds Tar Pit's Sticking Points

Tito's Tacos hate stops here

We foresaw many of the players, but Jonathan Gold still does an astonishing job of pinpointing L.A.'s craziest cravings to indulge in before you croak. Mexican food snob noobs hating on Tito's get the back of his taco-filled hand while we wonder if recent two-time L.A. Weekly web-award winner Caroline on Crack inspired this whole concept. [L.A. Weekly]

S. Irene Virbila was "thrilled with everything" at her first magical visit to The Tar Pit but the next time "not one dish...had the sparkle and crisp execution." Subsequent trips reveal similar highs and lows, with her old nemesis, noisy music, breaking The Tar Pit's spell and coming much too early in the night for her taste. [L.A. Times]

Brad A. Johnson names Julian Serrano as the best restaurant at new Aria in Vegas' CityCenter. Pierre Gagnaire's brilliant Twist, Shawn McCalin's Sage, and Sweet Chill's gelato and cappuccino are also recommended. [Modern Luxury]

Self-affirmed hummus authority Merrill Shindler finds Zayna "hard not to love...There are depths of flavor to the dishes that grab and fascinate." [Daily Breeze]