Soho House Opens Today on Sunset

Views stretch across the city...on a good day

West Hollywood residents must have more than Soho House on their minds with Brent Bolthouse doing his best to re-create Hyde for nightclubbing's new generation across the street. Today the West Hollywood location of this private club chain, from owner Nick Jones of Cecconi's, finally sees its opening in the top two floors of 9200 Sunset after having to scrap plans for a rooftop pool and placate the block for months. So what is Soho House?

Though there is a screening room and a 30-foot bar in this club that typically stays open until 2:00 A.M., Soho House is not a nightclub, something it spent the last few months convincing its new neighbors who feared increased traffic and noise. It is a members-only retreat for the those who can afford to leave the rest of us on the concrete, though considerably cheaper than a home in The Hills. Inside there's a refined sitting room with views of The Strip and surrounding city that you usually only attain by letting Cher drag you home. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served here, as well as in a rooftop garden lined with olive trees and in a small dining room that fits just 22 people, which has already played host to industry functions.


The Sitting RoomSoho House

Breakfast, brunch, and lunch menus are online, with the selections (club and ahi sandwiches, swordfish, Kobe short rib) sounding simple and clean, if a little close in concept to a typical hotel dining room's. Still, dedicated, ingredient-driven touches like wood-fired sunchokes, veal sausage pizza, and Niman Ranch steak tartare with quail egg show a commitment beyond standard throughout.

Will Soho House succeed in West Hollywood like it has in New York and Britain, where a tradition of private clubs still thrives and urban density often demands retreat? With current trends focused more on connectivity, will notoriously casual Southern Californians shell out $1200-$2400 (plus registration fee and tax) or the privileges of membership? Naturally, in this town, exclusivity and the hunger for status say "yes," a certain strata will no doubt flock to join, which will cause their admirers to follow in turn. Don't worry, if an application gets rejected, that's just one more person to press their luck at Trousdale.

Open today: 9200 Sunset Boulevard.