Tony Hawk Gets Baked at Crumbs

Hawk's hawking dessert

Tony Hawk has conquered skating, sportswear, and video games, and once even endeavored to search for the elusive Animal Chin. Now the pro skate star has set his sights on the hardcore world of baking. Hawk is collaborating with Crumbs Bake Shop on selling his own self-designed cupcake, The Skatecake, with proceeds going to Hawk's foundation that builds skate parks in low-income areas. LAist reports that the dessert is made of chocolate batter with baked-in sprinkles, and comes topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting, red and white sprinkles, and a wee, bedeviled skate deck that you can actually eat. The cupcake is for sale online or in stores for four bucks and is available only through 2010. See a photo of the treat below.

Tony Hawk's SkateCake at Crumbs Will Help Build Skate Parks [LAist]

Tony Hawk's first entry in the world of pro-cooking:


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