Burnt Toast Sets Tony Blair's Abode Ablaze; Pink's and Burger Kitchen Robbed

Famous Pink's Hot Dogs on LaBrea was robbed by a man who, after employees failed to open a safe, stole the tip jar with about $20 inside. [L.A. Times]

Various and conflicting reports circle around Saturday's quadruple homicide at Hot Spot Cafe in Valley Village, leaving investigators to wonder if one or two gunmen were involved. [L.A. Times]

Brand new Burger Kitchen was robbed of $400 the night before opening. [L.A. Times]

Tony Blair's home was visited by firemen after the Blairs burnt their morning toast. [BBC]

Jaime Escalante pupil Ana Delgado, whose father made her work in his restaurant, was the only Stand and Deliver character based on a real student. [L.A. Times]

Philippe Tosques, who once managed Ma Maison, recently left Hubert Keller's Vegas restaurant to run Disneyland's Desert Rose. [O.C. Register]

The popularity of red velvet cupcakes has spread as far as Paris, where Cupcakes and CO. opened last year. [Nation's Restaurant News]

A recent study suggests that exposure to fast food leads to impatience and a need for instant gratification. [Miller-McCune]

Jamie Oliver does not approve of chefs who swear on television. [Telegraph]

NBC has renewed the Guy Fieri hosted Minute to Win It. [USA Today]

The Times will relaunch Diner's Journal on April 7 and it will include content from both Bitten and The Pour. [Diner's Journal/NYT]

An Irish chef will recreate the Titanic's last meal this week. [Telegraph]