First & Hope Supper Club Opens Downtown on Monday

Shelley Cooper's Praise the Lard

Highly anticipated since Fall, Parker Martin and Terry Brewer's First & Hope is finally set to open this Monday for lunch, which will run all week and hopefully be joined by a liquor license by Tuesday or Wednesday, say the restaurant's reps. There will be a few menu tweaks here and there, so a deep 30% discount offer is open for the first two weeks while the spot is "broken in." So, what will you be eating here?

First & Hope

Here's where you'll find ace bartender Marcos TelloFirst & Hope

Stay tuned for an update as we hope to get our hands on the rough draft of the menu soon. In the meantime, the dishes we see so far sound like some sort of cool collaboration between Animal and LudoBites, with envelope-pushing elements of down-home comfort and artistic invention in different measures from chef Shelley Cooper, who has serious Southern credentials, having worked behind stoves from Florida's 30 Degree Blue at Bay Point in the early Nineties to South Carolina's Belfair Country Club most recently.

First & Hope

BBQ Fried OystersFirst & Hope

In addition to cocktails designed by Aidan Demarest and Marcos Tello and an enomatic wine machine with an LCD screen that spells out different varietals, you can expect wild and hearty dishes riffing on the Rat Packy throwback vibe. We see the inclusion of LAPD donuts, both the "Praise the Lard" dish and barbecue fried oysters that you see above, as well as flat iron steak, brie and fig pop tarts, chicken potpie ravioli, bone marrow tea sandwiches, Dr. Pepper duck sandwich, moonshine meatloaf, and a peanut butter, butter cream, and jelly cake.

Dining Room

Dining RoomFirst & Hope

A newer named addition to the club is the Fedora at First & Hope cabaret room, which will feature jazz and dance performances that will include separate reservations and late-night dining menus. Considering the prospect of bone marrow tea and Dr. Pepper duck sandwiches in 6,000 square feet of new Downtown restaurant and with just three days to go, First and Hope is already sounding like the extra time will make it worth the wait. Open Monday for lunch from 11:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

710 W. 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. 213-617-8555


Fedora, a Cabaret Bar at First & HopeFirst & Hope