Former Food Network Host Faces Life in Prison for Murder Plot


Juan-Carlos Cruz, author of a weight-loss cookbook and former host of The Food Network's Calorie Commando, plead "not guilty" this week after being charged with attempted murder and solicitation of murder in a Los Angeles court. The former Hotel Bel Air pastry chef is currently being held for two million dollars bail after allegedly trying to hire two homeless men--"Little Dave" and "Big Dave"-- to arrange his wife's murder in a plot that one of the men calls "very meticulous" in its organization, but "very cheap," according to CNN. Big Dave, apparently not too tough a nut to crack, revealed the plot after being picked up by police for loitering, leading to an investigation and the subsequent arrest of Cruz at a local dog park. While the two Daves say they love the Santa Monica Police Department after they were given "two pizzas, a 12-pack of beer, and a bottle of San Jose" during the investigation, Cruz faces a possible life sentence if convicted.

'Calorie Commando' pleads not guilty in alleged murder plot [CNN]