Santino's Reborn as a Venice Panineria


We thought it might be the Paqui plata or the Certeza reposado flowing through our veins, but this was no figment of our imagination: Santino's is reborn in Venice as a panineria. Santa Monica residents likely recall Santino's on Lincoln as a great date spot for tapas and wine until a fire devastated it in February 2009. Housed in the former Quizno's on Pacific below Winward, Santino's Panineria's owner tells us the opening last Friday came as a surprise, as he wasn't planning a sandwich shop until he spotted the real-estate available and snatched it up. The menu here is full of Argentine Italian-Spanish hybrids, with a selection of tapas like tortilla espanola, antipasti like bruschetta and crostini, plus ceviche and empanadas. There are also panini full of pastrami, steak milanesa, and prosciutto, alongside international salads and desserts from flan to tiramisu. Cafe con leche, cappucino, and mate complete the tour on a tight menu that offers every dish for under $10. So, what about the original Santino's?


Santino's CounterTatiana Arbogast

Better news still. If all goes according to plan, Santino's should be open "in about two months" back in its original Santa Monica location for tapas and wine. Prior to that, Santino's Venice will build a website, and who knows, a conceivable chain of its own paninerias? Stay tuned!

Santino's Panineria 1611 Pacific Ave. Venice. 310-450-5313

Santino's Panineria

Santino's InteriorTatiana Arbogast