Chef Supergroup Caters Sashi Sushi's Iron Chef Appearance

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Sashi chef Makoto Okuwa

Chef Makoto Okuwa of Manhattan Beach's Sashi Sushi will face off against Iron Chef Michael Symon next Thursday in Kitchen Stadium. You could watch it at home for free with some flavorless popcorn or plunk down $120 to watch it at Sashi, eating six-courses prepared live by a super-group of chefs made up of Michael Voltaggio, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, BreadBar talent scout Noriyuki Sugie, former Bazaar/current Patina pastry chef Waylynn Lucas, and Puck player Sonny Sweetham, along with Okuwa himself. Reservations for July 8th's star-studded fete can be snatched at 310-545-0400. [Sashi Sushi]