Wine Expo Reveals Its Tasting Room

Wine Expo's bar room with a view into the private tasting room

Salumi, cheese, and Italian vino tastings are coming soon at Wine Expo's much-anticipated new extension. While still awaiting its bar, the treasured Santa Monica store is finished with a natural butterscotch paint-job and installed its lighting, backline sinks, and restrooms. What else?

There are three rooms in total, with a retail area up front where owners are considering displays of hot sauce and beer to sell, plus a central room featuring the bar and furniture made from recycled wine barrels. Behind the glass partition (seen above) sits a private room for events and tastings. Wine Expo currently anticipates an opening in late August or early September, but for now welcomes the curious to come in and take a look while the final details are completed. See a photo of the main bar room below.

wine expo

A bar will go in front of the sinks in the central roomTatiana Arbogast

Wine Expo, 2933 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica. 310-828-4428