Kitchen Nightmares Chef Found Dead; Ludo Looks at French Street Food

The body of one-time Kitchen Nightmares chef Joseph Cirniglia was found in the Hudson on Friday. [NYDN]

Ludo Lefebvre details how he started The LudoTruck, saying "you can eat a sandwich on the street; you go to the bakery and you buy a sandwich...Or you have some crêpes. But thats it in France. So I was really introduced to street food more here in America with the food truck. [QSR Magazine]

A Pennsylvania restaurant with over 100 varieties of hot wings is re-naming a menu item named "Black-on-Black Crime," after receiving death threats. [YesButHwever]

Last year's canned pumpkin shortage is over. [Boston Herald]

The proposed Food Safety Modernization Act could spell trouble for raw milk fans. [Time]

State officials nationwide are cracking down on the sale of less-than-pure honeys. [USA Today]

More and more restaurants are using Twitter to smooth out customer complaints. [USA Today]

Despite health officials' best efforts, Americans still aren't eating enough vegetables. [NYT]