Flying High: Freebirds World Burrito Coming to L.A.


Looking to make a dent in the bulging burrito scene, Santa Barbara's Freebirds World Burrito will open across from USC on Jan. 13. According to the press release, the burgeoning chain--there are already 44 locations, but will open 24 more in 2011--offers "way more choices" (man).

You see, you don't just choose fillings like those other burrito chains, you pick size (i.e. the "half bird" up to the seven-pound Super Monster) tortilla flavor, and then your meats, beans, cheese, veg and homemade salsas. That's freedom. And this place is all about America: The signature décor element is a Statue of Liberty riding a motorcycle, which is to "serve as a reminder that each of us can break through walls and truly change the world." And, no, don't try demanding a "Freebird" at Chipotle. They'll never make it. [PR Newswire]