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LA Mill Taking on Intelligentsia in Caffeinated Plot for National Domination

Yesterday L.A. Times critic Fred Snow, oh sorry, we mean S. Irene Virbila, tweeted that Silver Lake's single-origin coffee cafe LA Mill was about to go on an ape-shit expansion throughout L.A. Six stores are planned in the city, while one is being exported to the East Coast, apparently in a Four Seasons. With its obsessive standards and Cimarusti-stamped menu, LA Mill is one local we're definitely not ashamed to see repping us outside of our own borders, like say, a certain taco shop that's gone and hitched a ride to Mobile, Alabama. Unfortunately, Virbila, whose so far remaining mum on her civil rights struggle to eat at Red Medicine, has no specific details on where the donut-infused milk "jelly donut" espresso will next appear.

Per Craig Min [Virbila's Twitter via Feast]


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