MacPherson and Meisler Get Back on Coach & Horses


For a second there, it almost looked like Jared Meisler and Sean MacPherson might have been bucked from Coach & Horses, after a PR company retracted earlier statements that the Roger Room owners were on-board the project. Squid Ink confirms that the new owners are now underway on a journey to retake the classic Hollywood dive and bring it back to its roots. They promise anew not to change the place too much while remodeling, but they are adding a chef-driven restaurant and "considering concepts," which already gives us visions of Hollywood hipsters lined to the doorway, clamoring for fussy drinks.

Tap beer sounds cool and who can find truck with Roger Room's cocktails, but sorry, any Coach and Horses you'd actually want to eat a meal in that isn't sloppy Indian food just isn't the same for us, Hollywood history that predates our existence or not. We were happier going deaf and being swung on there than we think we'll ever be actually hearing our companions compliment the Raging Bitch and pork belly whatever.

Okay okay, it's obviously hard for us to accept this dive ever getting shiner, but we will admit: better MacPherson than SBE. But really, dives as classic as Coach & Horses are becoming like the last unicorn around here.

Roger Room Owners Plan New Bar at Ye Coach & Horses [Squid Ink]