Berlin Currywurst Invades Sunset Junction Minus a Key Ingredient

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It's sunny outside, but (hallelujah) it's still raining wieners in L.A.! Yes, while the West Side waits for Steingarten to open next week, Eating L.A. reports that Silver Lakehas been invaded by Berlin Currywurst, a sausage snack bar in Sunset Junction that opens today in place of the shopping area's pupuseria. Eater reports the good news that this husband-and-wife-owned spot serves Central Europe's favorite snacking sausage in curry-spiced hot pork, veal, beef, chicken, or soy varieties with German farmer's bread and fries, along with the bad news that this new restaurant is short one biergarten and even worse, lacks beer altogether at this stage. What?!

Given that the sausages come with sauces like chipotle and garlic flavors, we already find the liquor-less links a little harder to stomach. Harder still when we learn the sauce costs extra. Oh well, there is chocolate milk and Virgil's cola. Suddenly, the wait at Wurstkuche seems well worth the wait.

Berlin Currywurst, 3827 W Sunset Blvd. Silver Lake. 323-663-1989.

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