Menage a Pork at Black Boar Tomorrow


Tomorrow evening in Eagle Rock, Frysmith and small batch bacon maker the Cast Iron Gourmet plan to make total pigs of us all during an alcohol-driven three-way with Black Boar pub. Sounds hot. The excuse? According to Cast Iron founder Rashida Purifoy, "National Pig Day" is pushing these three crews together for a happy hour event that finds Black Boar pumping out the suds, Frysmith the spuds, and Cast iron "just watching." Oh wait, Cast Iron actually plans to serve a few signature creations like a double bacon poutine over Frysmith's fries and a "McPig" made with hand-cured pork belly and hand-made pickles. Find the three getting along famously at 1630 Colorado Blvd from 5:00 to 9:00 P.M. tomorrow.