Menu Revealed at John Rivera Sedlar's Playa, Open Tonight in West Hollywood

Maize cake wild mushrooms

Mondette's Lilliam Rivera steps up to the plate with a first look at John Rivera Sedlar's Playa, the follow-up restaurant to Rivera opening tonight in West Hollywood. Squeezing in among 2,000 reservations for last night's preview, Rivera details some of the hot and cold tapas on offer here from a black bean soup with compressed apple calvado (the moros without the cristianos) to duck confit on rice, palm octopus, and a station for Sedlar's beautiful tortillas. Playa's website has also gone live, with a gallery of gorgeous dishes and the full menu finally revealed. The photos might have be the only thing to satiate your curiosity for a while, as demand will likely stay high for weeks, if not months, to come.

Playa, 360 Beverly Blvd. West Hollywood. 323-933-5300.

A Powerful First Taste, And Look, At Playa [Mondette]