Marukai Market Coming to Bundy and Pico


Mitsuwa, Nijaya, meet Marukai, your new competition on the Westside. This spring, Japanese market Marukai, which sprung from original locations in Osaka and Hawaii and has locations stretching from San Diego to Downtown, is opening a big new store on Pico at Bundy. Marukai sells a huge variety of Japanese edibles like fresh fish, seafood, their own brand of tofu, ramen, sake, sauces, candy, and sodas, as well as an area for Hawaiian products and stuff for the home like rice cookers and dishware. Just blocks from Little Osaka, this should be a natural fit for the neighborhood, while probably not sapping the customers away from the new Trader Joe's nearby. However, Mar Vista's Mitsuwa and Sawtelle's Nijiya might not be so lucky when the market opens this spring.

Marukai, coming to 12121 W. Pico Blvd. West L.A..