The Grafton Offers To Help You Dump Your Valentine

Two buck chuck has the power to both cement or destroy your relationship

Sure, taking your valentine to Hooter's or making them a crappy-looking dessert with pretzels and Rolo's is pretty likely to get you ousted from your relationship at little cost. But for the true professional with a little more money to spend on the project, The Grafton Hotel is offering a "Dump 'Em On The Strip" package tonight that makes us feel like horrible people just reading about it.

Included is a "Hip on the Strip" room, which comes with a bottle of two-buck chuck, "stale crackers, microwaveable mac and cheese, and the world's cheapest chocolate." To add a really disturbing element, the hotel will also play the sounds of crying whales on the stereo, which was recorded in the kitchen of The Hump we presume. Anyway, if your lover has a really, really good sense of humor or you're getting a really, really cheap hooker for Valentine's Day, this might actually be an option. Any other situation simply makes you the meanest person in the world for even considering it. However, if you're still intrigued, The Grafton offers more details are on its website.