Venice Beach Wines Plans A Rough and Tumble Beer Bar


Venice's Rose Avenue is one of the ripest thoroughfares to develop into a bustling zone of eateries, boutiques, and galleries, something surely noticed by whoever is building that massive unit of condos or whatever across from Venice Beach Wines. But long before that construction stops constricting the popular Venice wine bar from holding quiet lunches, owner Oscar Hermosillo has expansion plans of his own. Josh Lurie, who told us yesterday about Venice's new anti-Intelligentsia (an alley-bound coffee cart serving Stumptown) on Food GPS, reports on Feast today that Hermosillo is opening two new spaces next to Venice Beach Wines in the coming months.

When you eat at Venice Beach Wines, people are always scurrying next door and returning with pots and plates, so clearly they have a lock-down on some adjacent space. Hermosillo plans to turn one of these into a "wine cellar that doubles as a private dining area and tasting room." They could use a few more seats around here for the brigades of yuppies in glasses holding babies (it's baby-central at nearby Ground Work too, can they possibly be stopped?).

In addition, the owner has plans for a more rough and tumble beer bar, Cerveteca Venice, with patio seating, counter service, and fire-grilled comfort food. That lamb sandwich Zach Brooks put us on to and the duck pizzette are great over at the wine bar, and this time the owner has whole fish and steak in mind, as well as small plates of Peruvian ceviche and tirada, empanadas, a burger, and mini Veracruzean pizzas. With his first restaurant being so popular and more bodies than it has seats, it sounds like Hermosillo will have probably find demand for Cerveteca well before the loft-dwellers invade.

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