A Look at Jet Tila's Bistronomics 1.0, With Chef Alex Ageneau


Last night, chef Jet Tila debuted a new pop-up concept, Bistronomics, at BreadBar. The ad hoc restaurant features a farm-forward, French-inspired menu of carefully calculated eclecticism by chef Alex Ageneau, currently sous chef at The Royce and formerly with Tila at the chef's Vegas restaurant Wazuzu. There are two seatings again tonight, but that might not be the last of Bistronomics. Tila, who let Ageneau do the cooking while he MC'd, is already prepping the menu for Bistronomics 2.0 in April and admits he is considering a brick and mortar version of Bistronomics, which will further the idea of market-sourced bistro dining and highlight a younger generation of chefs. Last night, Tila showcased Ageneau's expertise with great, simple ingredients and traditional techniques, delivering dishes like an Indian-spiced halibut and a stark stalk of salsify with crispy mushrooms on a $65 five-course menu that balanced influences from Eastern Europe, Asia, and Agenuea's native France. Take a look at what Ageneau is cooking in our slide show of the first Bistronomics at BreadBar.