Angel City Brewery Opens Thursday, Parties With The Public Saturday

Brewer/owner Michael Bowe with poster artist JR

This Saturday, March 19th, Angel City Brewing is celebrating its fourteenth birthday by opening its brand new Alameda Street brewery to a party for the public. Long housed in Torrance's Alpine Village until a certain little dust-up in 2009, Angel City will officially belong to Downtown when it opens Thursday, shortly before a huge grand-opening fundraiser for Friends of the Los Angeles River on Saturday.

The brewery is taking over 27,000 square-feet of the Arts District's John A. Roebling Building and will feature both production facilities, a shop, and a tasting room where art shows, food trucks, and live music performances are planned, along with sudsy offerings from other micro-breweries, alongside Angel City's own. The brewery and public spaces will be open Wednesdays through Sundays from 4:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., which indicates someone is planning a party spot here.

Speaking of party, starting at noon this Saturday, expect barbecue, live tunes, and of course, lots of Angel City beers flowing through the grand-opening party/fundraiser. Oh, and lots of people. The brewery does have 50 parking spaces, but we can't imagine those will last long. The brewery is an exciting addition for Angelenos, and at the very least, will probably save us all a hotel stay or long-drive come Oktoberfest.

Angel City Brewing, 216 South Alameda St. Downtown. 213- 622-1261.