Another Chef Strives for A Self-Aware Reflection on How L.A. Eats


Chef Jose Prado, of the Cha Cha Cha and Cha Cha Chicken family, is chu-chu-chugging his way into Beverly Hills. Eater reports that this chef, who has cooked for lame celebrities over the last quarter century at The Ivy, is opening his own restaurant, Primavera, in the coming weeks. The menu here will pull a Roy Choi/John Sedlar by reflecting Angeleno's dining pculture on a menu that combines the bounty of our markets with Latin and European influences. Expect fresh fish, sweet corn tamales, spicy black pepper shrimp, sangria (which, by its nature, should be fruit-infused), and (uh-oh Cha Cha Chicken detractors) a Carribean chicken with mango sauce. The inspiration here is said to be L.A.'s different neighborhoods, which makes for a very promising, eclectic concept. Hopefully, the menu only shares this concept and not the menu editor with L.A. Reflections.

Primavera, 9111 W. Olympic Blvd. Beverly Hills.

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