Bear Burgers Go Into Hibernation, The Standard Opts for Rabbit This Week

The bear can't make it, Bunny, you're on!

Bad news for the hungry hordes who couldn't wait to sink their fangs into one of Micah Fields' bear burgers this week at The Standard: There's no bear meat! According to one of The Standard's reps, the bear meat purveyor did not come through as promised, so the restaurant is switching to a rabbit burger this week. If you're still dying to catch Boo-Boo between a bun, Fields plans a different burger menu every week and could still make the bear meat connect in the future if you're lucky. Or maybe we can all lend a hand and hook him up?

Considering Downtown L.A.'s bad luck with bear meat in the not-so-distant past, maybe this isn't the worst scenario, although bear tacos were a recent hit on Skid Row, so maybe we'll never know. But we still kinda wanna see this thing happen, even if we are having difficulty ourselves finding a supply of bear meat in Southern California, short of the gun-toting bloggers who recommend hunting it down ourselves. Perhaps one of our readers knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a grizzly man or two? Please let us know in our comments if you have a source to score some bear meat, so we can finally get our paws on one of these burgers.