Christina Hendricks Ready For Top Chef Masters; Make Your Own Pop-Tarts

• Remember how Mad Men's Christina Hendricks divulged to us that she almost went on Top Chef Masters, but the scheduling didn't work out? Well, now she and husband Geoffrey Arend seem to have found a time: word is they recently taped a sixties-themed episode. [Inside TV/EW]

• If Pop-Tarts don't do it for you, try making your own. [LAT]

• Last night, John Rivera Sedlar held a demo event at Snyder Diamond featuring his decorated tortillas, giving ample credit to the contributions of chef Joseph Panarello in the process. Meanwhile, a rumor that Ruth Reichl was eating over at the chef's new Playa must have made him a little anxious. [Grub Street]

• Thai Town's Krua Siri is "a brand-new flaming star of glorious, singing, singeing Isaan Thai cooking." [LAT]

• Higher food costs have pushed Domino's shares down by five percent. That could mean there's less money to support Operation Rescue. [Economic Times]

• Once vilified, coconut oil has become the "darling of the natural-foods world," writes Melissa Clark. [NYT]

• The USDA's new dietary guidelines tell us to eat more fish, but golly, it's hard to keep track of which are sustainable. [WSJ]

• In case you haven't noticed, urban wineries are a trend. Here's some history on that and some thoughts on why it's happening. [Eater]