Desperate Taco-Hounds Long to Be With La Isla Bonita


Yo! Venice! reports that Rose Avenue's seafood-slinging La Isla Bonita truck recently went on a small vacation, something loncheros are typically hesitant to do, lest they give up their parking space and incite fans to panic. Mania sounds unlikely, but one dedicated Isla Bonita fan did get his tortillas in a twist and posted the flyer you see above, declaring the truck "Missing" with a description and contact number. The funniest bit? The fact that the poster needs his "carne asada medication," which he could have found almost across the street at La Fiesta Brava restaurant. But taco truckers are creatures of habit, are they not? Fortunately, before the shakes came on, La Isla Bonita came back to Rose and is serving once again and didn't wind up in a shallow grave in one of Lincoln's many auto-body shops.

La Isla Bonita aka “The Taco Truck” [Yo! Venice!]