Foodie One-Upmanship Gets Its Own Centurion


Eating every dish at a single restaurant, munching every taco in town in under a weekend, where does it stop? Or maybe it's just beginning. Today, the O.C. Register hits us with the tale of Jared from Subway Bobby Navarro, a CIA drop-out who now works as a server at two South Coast Plaza restaurants. But Bobby's bigger life plan is a Facebook blog tracking his efforts to eat 100 restaurant meals in 100 days or less (he's currently on 43). While we're happy to see dude living out his dream and everything, it's hard to be impressed, and easy to be a little horrified, by this kind of over-indulgence. After all, does this really require any particular expertise or talent, or just a giant wad of money that Share Our Strength could probably use a little better? [OC Register]