Guelaguetza Palms Space Up For Lease; Pal Cabron Hosting Baja Chef Pop-Up


Bad news for Westsiders in need of some great Mexican cooking. The lease at Palm's Guelaguetza space is currently up and available. This means the city won't be getting our dream restaurant, Mitla, from the Lopez family, and just as sad, Palms isn't even getting Guelaguetza back anytime soon. Bummer for everyone. But more than a consolation prize, the family's Pal Cabron will be hosting a six-course pop-up dinner series with chef Diego Hernandez from Baja's La Villa del Valle Country Retreat from March 15th-17th. So, the pop-up ingenuity and great guest chefs shift east. Westsiders, just remember to "focus on the journey." [Earlier]