L.A.'s Best Bone Marrow Dishes

Laurent Quenioux's bone marrow consomme at Bistro LQ

Marrow lovers no longer need crack their bones in secret. Today, bone marrow is exalted by top chefs like Nancy Silverton and Wolfgang Puck in L.A., where diners have already seen some great marrow dishes come and go, from the pomegranate seed-topped split bones at Wilshire to Kris Morningstar's gone-but-not-forgotten bone marrow pierogi at District. The city still shines with great bone marrow preparations, from a simple approach at Mozza to Laurent Quenioux's inspired recipe to a heroic return, of sorts, from marrow-master Walter Manzke in Culver City. Enjoy our slide show of five of L.A.'s best bone marrow dishes.

Plus: Must-have marrow in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston.