Meet Tacos El Bob, Now Spit-Roasting Pastor in KTown


We've been quite happy to see Leo's doing its thing with the eetside-stray pastor grilling again on Venice Blvd. and LaBrea. Over in KTown, SinoSoul spots two new, related taco spots that are also spit-roasting their pastor under a pineapple slice. After asking what the stand's name is, the owners reply, "maybe we call it 'Bob.' Despite that generating a lot of laughter at first, a repeat visit found both stands decked out with signage for "Tacos el Bob," as good of a name as any to stand out among the Kings, Texanos, Estrellas, and Pinches out there. Though the food is apparently not quite Leo's good just yet, we have a feeling it will still run longer than Fox's Bob's Burgers, though, like most things, probably not enough to make us ignore neighbor Pollo a la Brasa. [SinoSoul]