PETA, Sharpen Your Claws: Bear Burgers Headed to the Standard

Dude, you really don't wanna know what's in our pic-a-nic basket this week.

Chef Micah Fields, who recently left Hash to join The Standard Downtown, is bringing a different burger to the restaurant's menu for five days each week. The chef started last week with wild boar on a bacon-speckled bun with jalapeno aioli and sweet cherry tomato jam, and is currently cooking a lamb burger. But starting this Monday, Fields will have his hooks on some bear meat and possibly an earful from the kinds of animal activists who freaked out when lion tacos recently hit an Arizona menu. In all fairness, there was a big culling of black bears in New Jersey last year (which also drove the animal rights folks nuts) and we suspect the meat comes from that hunt, which made black bear meat a little more available on the East Coast than in the past. But once PETA catches wind that Fields is naming the burger after the cute, yet cautious Smokey the Bear, any hopes for a balanced perspective will likely be shot. From March 14th-18th, Fields will offer the bear meat burger on The Standard's regular menu, which we suggest you eat on the rooftop, where PETA can't get their claws on you.