Poultry Feels Your Pain; Michelle Rodriguez Mocked For Food Gaffe

• Bad news for that lunchtime Caesar salad you were planning: A study has found chickens capable of feeling empathy. [Telegraph UK]

• Poor Michelle Rodriguez had a tiny piece of food stuck in her teeth on a red carpet recently and the internet is having a field day about it. [OK UK]

• LAPD is warning restaurant owners to be aware of fraudulent health inspectors requesting personal information. [Squid Ink]

• Pete Licata of Honolulu Coffee Co. has taken the crown as the winner of the South West Regional Barista Competition. [LAT]

• Instead of throwing out your coffee rinds, you should make mocha brownies with them. [KABC]

• Not much for sports? You can still join the March Madness with this food-named-bands tournament bracket that squares off the likes of Jelly Roll Morton and Blue Oyster Cult. [HuffPo]

• Booze news: Sherry is finally getting a little respect; It may not teach kids healthy drinking habits to let them imbibe at home. [NYT, WSJ]

• The U.N. says food prices will likely stay high all year thanks to elevated crude-oil costs and smaller crops. And the U.N. is also calling for more rice production in Asia. [Bloomberg, AFP]

• But hey, at least McDonald's is having a good year! Global sales were up nearly 4 percent in February. [USAT]